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Texas Federation of Music Clubs

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TFMC All State Festival 2018

Texas State University

San Marcos, TX

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Click here for 2018 State Festival Instructions and registration information.

Information about fees, awards, special rules, locations, and more will also be emailed to local festival chairman. Read the instructions carefully to know about changes and updates in festival procedures.

Registration is now open. 

New Look – New Process - Read This First!

Have all student records at hand. Teachers will be able to PAUSE/RESUME if they need to stop doing data entry for any reason, but please plan to enter all student event registrations before clicking on the SUBMIT button on the last page. If teachers intend to pay by check or money order, PRINT the payment page. After selecting the type of payment but before clicking on SUBMIT, print the page and include it with the check.  Directions are on the payment page, but this is an important step to remember.

Register each student one time per event. If a student is entering multiple events, then enter each event separately. Any ensemble event (duo, duet, trio, quartet, group of 5+ students) must name each student member of that ensemble who is participating in that one event.

Drop down lists are available to enable more accurate instrument, class/level, and repertoire selections. This should also make it easier for teachers to process registrations quickly. Please choose carefully!  Some lists offer long lists and it will be easy to click on a wrong selection. Edit and audit each entry along the way.

As each student registration is completed, options will appear that allow teachers to 1) process another entry for the same student participating in a different event, 2) process a NEW student registration for a different student, or 3) indicate that all student registrations are done.

Use the SPECIAL REQUEST field on the form to enter not only special requests for non-compete students, but also to communicate data that may not be available to you from drop-down lists. For example, composer/title data may not be available for some ensemble events, so put the composer and title information in the SPECIAL REQUEST field. If processing or data errors occur, please note that in the SPECIAL REQUEST field.

Once all student registrations are done, click on SUBMIT to get to a summary page which will calculate registration fees. Teachers will be asked to enter the number of events that are being submitted. Totals will be calculated using the following fees: $33 per student solo event, $36 per student concerto event, $26 per ensemble member, $100 per ensemble comprised of 5 or more members. From this summary page, teachers will have an option to pay festival fees online using PayPal or to pay festival fees by check/money order/bank check to be mailed to Cathy Neidert. PRINT THE SUMMARY PAGE.

Teachers will receive confirmation emails for each registration. Watch for an APPROVAL or PENDING APPROVAL email concerning registrations. Communicate promptly to resolve any system or data issue. Please review each email to be sure that the data entered for each student event is accurate. Communicate by email any data entry errors to Cathy Neidert as soon as possible.

This online data-gathering form has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. Any questions about entering data can be directed to Cathy Neidert (gdert9@gmail.com) or to Mary Thomason (mary@icanlearnmusic.com). Cathy will limit her communications to email or text during the time she’s working on schedules.  She has no automated scheduling program to assist her, so she will be manually creating performance schedules for festival entries. Please be patient and know that she will respond to teacher inquiries as soon as she can.

Please continue to keep our TFMC All State Festival programmer in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from a near-fatal motorcycle accident which still has him hospitalized.


Click HERE to begin registering students.


Deadline for entry is April 1, 2018. 

Be ready to handle your festival registrations promptly! Please funnel all questions through your local festival chairman.

We hope to see you this year at the TFMC All State Festival!